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Last week, I came across a thread from milepoint user Phlee about a new frequent flyer tool he and his colleagues had introduced. It is a web site called and it’s a very simple concept. You use it to find out how many miles an award will be between 2 cities. Now, I know many of us have different airlines’ award charts etched in our brain, but for those of you that don’t, this is a handy tool.

1. Enter your origin and destination airports.

2. Click GET MY MILEZ and wait for the site to gather the information.

3. Check out your results!

It’s as simple as that. They even have links to the log into each frequent flyer program, apply (if you are not a member), and a link to the official award chart from each airline. Again, the pros may not see too much value here, but I certainly do. I have frequent flyer miles spread out over a few programs and when I choose my next destination, I like to know which FF program may be the least amount of miles for my particular cabin. One suggestion might be to have a choice of what FF programs you want displayed as I don’t care to see the results of airlines I’ll never have any business with.

In this example alone, we’re going to Bali (DPS). I have miles AA, AC (Aeroplan), and UA. From this quick search, you can see that my best bet for First Class is AA at 135k miles. UA a close second at 140k, and Aeroplan a disappointing third at 180k miles. So if you’re planning a trip or would just like to brush up on your mileage redemption rates, check out!

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  1. Shami

    Thanks for the heads up. I tried to look for SFO-ISB and it is giving me no option for AA on Etihad. I think it is a fairly new alliance and the site is not updated or perhaps this route is not that frequently searched.

  2. bitachu

    would be good if you could see what the partner awards would be..i know for instance that hnl to lax on British airways using american airlines would be 25k but its not showing up

  3. Phlee

    Thanks your feedback on …

    bitachu: We add the partner or alliance rates as best we can. For BA we only have the BA flights for now. Reason for this is that BA computes rates by distance flown so that we have to have the routes in the system in order to calculate distance first and then the rate based on the distance. The oneworld partners are mostly like this i.e. they charge based on distance flown so unless we have all the routes in the system we can’t determine the exact rate. I guess we could just assume that the flights are direct (which I think would work for the AA HNL-LAX flight), but it would mean that in some cases the rate displayed would be inaccurate. We try to keep the info as accurate as possible.

    Shami: For AA we actually have the oneworld rates in the system bc AA has them by zones. Unfortunately, we were not able to find the Etihad Guest rate table. If you can direct us to it we will add Etihad with our next data update. Once Etihad is in the system and if Etihad is in the “oneworld unvierse” AA would then automatically also show the Etihad destinations.

  4. Shami

    @Phlee: I am so poor at finding these awards based on miles thingy. However here is a link from “view from the wing” blog and “one mile at a time” blog which might give you a better understanding on how to find out AA and Etihad mileage routes.

    1. Philipp Gysling

      Thank you for the links Shami,

      We have found the Etihad rates now. They use a very different award scheme than all the other programs but if we can figure out the logic we will include them in our calculator as well.


  5. Anonymous

    It would be great to see Avios up here, not for the long hauls of course (haha) but for domestic short hauls. I know their system is insanely complicated, but seeing the minimum Avios number for flights such as NYC-YYZ or ORD-YOW would be great, since it’s like 4500mi per way instead of AA’s 12500mi, on the same metal.

  6. Phlee

    Hi again,

    I just want to give you a quick update on a few improvements (hopefully) on the calculator:

    1) Filtering by program is now possible on all searches (simply click on the programs you;re interested in)

    2) You can access results through links now: (NY to Honolulu)
    If you want o bookmark or link to a specific route.

    3) Search results appear much more quickly now thanks to some hard core optimization!

    Arcticbull, we are working on adding global oneworld rates as well even though are quite complicated due to the fact that they are calculated by distance of segments.


  7. Casey Friday

    This is a really cool calculator. I haven’t tried other rewards aggregation websites, but I really like the layout of this one. I’ll definitely include it in my searches in the future.

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