How To Check Merchant Categories with Chase Ultimate Rewards

Chase Ultimate Rewards has quickly claimed the top spot on the list of my favorite reward programs. The Visa card is accepted everywhere. They transfer to 2 of my favorite programs – United/Continental and Hyatt. Their rewards mall posts bonus points in about 2 weeks vs. others that take almost 2 months.

The one problem I used to have with Chase, however, was that there was no way to see what purchases were in what exact category. I complained that American Express had a better detail summary of monthly purchases and what categories they were. Today, my coworker reminded me that the Chase BLUEPRINT feature shows you this. Here’s how it works:

On the main My Accounts page, click "Go To BLUEPRINT"

Then click "See Spending" under the "Track It" section

Click a category like Dining

All my Dining transactions

So there you go; now we’ll know which purchases we will receive 2x points for when using my Sapphire Preferred credit card. If the transaction shows up in the proper category (Dining and Travel/Transit/etc.), you can be sure you’ll receive the bonus points for it from Chase. I hope this helps everyone who, like me, wants to be on top of the points they are owed from Chase. Good luck in the pursuit of points!

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for this post … went in and checked my Freedom and Sapphire transactions.

    A coffee shop I started going to shows up under “Gas and Convenience Stores” … weird, especially since it’s a pretty nice place, but it will be useful for next quarter’s Chase Freedom bonus. Afterward, I’ll use my AMEX with 2x points for gas, hah!

    As for the Sapphire Pref. — transit is included in the 2x travel, right?

  2. Sean

    Mike, nice post! I never paid attention to Blue Print. Is there a way to see spending summary of periods other than “last statement” and “since last statement”?

  3. Ed

    Thanks for the feed.

    One bit of advice: buy an Amex gift card and check what it’s classification is. You may be pleasantly surprised….

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for the useful info! I just checked my Sapphire Preferred and Blueprint works just like you showed. However, Blueprint does not seem to be available for my Chase Ink Bold account (old version). It doesn’t show up on my Chase home page like it does for the Sapphire Preferred acct. So, how can I check my categories for my Ink Bold spend? Thx.

    1. infamousdx

      I have the new version Ink Bold and I would guess that Chase doesn’t make this feature available for Business cards. It’s a such because I don’t know of any other way to check categories! Hopefully if someone finds a way, they will chime in here or I’ll update the post.

      1. Anonymous

        thx. I agree w/you that Blueprint is probably not made available because Ink Bold is a business card. But that’s even *more* reason (IMHO) for Chase to let users know what category their spend is in, esp. for bonus categories. Let’s all try to convince Chase to make Blueprint available for business cards too!

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