ALERT: ShopRunner 2-Day Shipping Free for 1 Year!

Don’t delay! This is for TODAY ONLY. is giving away a FREE 1 year membership to their free 2-day shipping program (similar to Amazon Prime). This ShopRunner membership will give you free 2-day shipping on participating sites – very valuable indeed!

Here is a list of the participating stores – link.

The problem is their site is getting bombed by all the traffic they’ve drawn and the way of signing up is broken. That means good news for us because they have admirably decided to let us sign up by sending an email to with our full name and email address. After they get everything sorted out, they will be sending us unique codes to let us have the 1 free year of 2-day shipping! I believe that they will honor this method since the President of ShopRunner posted about it on their Facebook page.

If you would still like to try the original way of signing up, here’s how:

  1. Visit ShopRunner’s Facebook page – link
  2. “Like” them
  3. Click on the Today: Free Membership tab on the left sidebar
  4. Click Activate your Free Membership
  5. Fill out form (credit card info is optional) and click ACTIVATE MEMBERSHIP

Social Media is has infinite reach that more and more companies are realizing. Some buckle under the pressure, but to see ShopRunner stay true to its word (hopefully) is great to see. This is how customer loyalty is born.

So go and email for the free 1 year!

P.S. Once you get your account set up, don’t forget to set the membership to NOT auto-renew next year!

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