Chase Ultimate Rewards Shopping Mall Holiday Bonuses

With Black Friday officially over and Cyber Monday upon us, I just wanted to regroup and highlight some of the better offers coming to us during this holiday season. My main focus is Chase Ultimate Rewards, but there are dozens of other programs to check out as well from American Express’ Mall to cash rebate sites like Ebates and Big Crumbs. Note: Those are my referral links to those sites. Here is the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall bonus calendar. What isn’t shown is the Apple Store being 10 points per $ spent tomorrow, November 28!



Personally, I am most interested in the sites that are going to be giving 10 points per dollar spent, most notably Target, Sears, and Barnes & Noble. I will be stocking up on some Sears ‘cash’ by buying gift cards on December 9th. Sears is one of those few UR retailers that does not disallow gift cards from earning bonus UR points. If you find a site that does not exclude gift card purchases, you are in luck; you’ll be able to double your earning.

For example, I want to buy a $500 snow blower. On Dec. 9, I will purchase a $500 email gift card from Sears via the Chase UR Mall. $500 x 10 points per $ spent = 5,000 UR points. I will then use gift card that I just emailed to myself and purchase the snow blower for $500 in another session. $500 x 10 points per $ = 5,000 UR points. Grand total = 10,000 UR points! You can pay for purchases with ANY form of payment and still get the bonus, not just your Chase credit card. Now you see why finding the sites that allow gift card purchases for the bonus are so lucrative!

Just as an FYI, Chase is doing a bit of sneaky marketing in that some of the stores on this list that are going to offer 5x points on those certain dates are currently offering the same bonus as of today – QVC, Lowes, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. So please check the UR Mall for every store that you’re interested in; don’t let the advertisements fool you.

A great tool that you should use when searching for the best multiplier bonus for you is This site has a list of hundreds of retailers and shows what shopping portal has the best bonus for them, along with any deals or coupons available. Here is what you get if you search for Best Buy: Best Buy

As you can see, the points & miles programs don’t really give any substantial bonus, the best being Amex at 3 MR points per dollar spent. In this case, take a look at Big Crumbs. You will get 4.8% cashback on your entire purchase before taxes and shipping, pending any restrictions. Always use evreward before completing your purchase so you can earn the most points/miles/cashback in your desired program.

These are just a few of the tips I hope all of you use for the upcoming shopping season as well as going forward when purchasing anything. Every point matters in this game so don’t leave anything on the table!


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  1. Nathan Keirn

    Have you actually test fielded your Sears plan? Several people have reported not received any points for Sears gift cards through the UR mall despite it being one of the few vendors which doesn’t exclude gift cards in the T&C. Most if not all were successful in having a CSR adjustment made, but that is something that probably won’t happen for 5,000+ miles. What do you think? I certainly think a test run is warranted with this many miles in the balance and as fast as UR post we should see the results before the 8th.

    1. infamousdx

      I have done this with Sears, multiple times actually. I was skeptical at first but it has worked every time. I will report back asap if it does not work again.

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