American Express: $40 Credit on $200 Purchase at Lowe’s

UPDATE: I received my $40 statement credit. Simple and easy. Good luck!

There’s still time to get in on this promotion, but I didn’t want to write about it until I received my credit. As per My Money Blog, you can receive a $40 statement credit after making a $200 purchase at Lowe’s. Technically, this offer is only for targeted American Express Business Platinum holders but I had success with my AmEx Starwood Preferred Guest AND AmEx Premier Rewards Gold cards.

Sorry for the late notice, but the promotion ends on November 15, 2011. You still do have plenty of time to do this though. This should work either in-store or online. Here is how I got the credit by buying a gift card through Big Crumbs.

  1. Register any AmEx card here –
  2. Log into your Big Crumbs account and click through to Lowe’s for 1.6% cashback on gift cards
  3. Purchase a $200 gift card here
  4. Wait 3-5 days after transaction for $40 statement credit

My email from AmEx alerting me that I would be receiving the $40 statement credit came within 2 days of the gift card purchase. I’m confident that the statement credit will appear and if not, a Secure Message to AmEx should straighten things out. 

It’s not a stellar promo, but it’s still a $200 Lowe’s gift card for $156.8 which equals 21.6% savings!

Promotion Registration Email - Nov 7

Promotion Completion Confirmation - Nov 9

10 Comments American Express: $40 Credit on $200 Purchase at Lowe’s

  1. Steelsnow

    Are you saying that you found that the terms and conditions of the offer (limited to AMEX business platinum cardholders, named recipient of invitation) are not true, and that it works for any AMEX card/cardholder?

    1. infamousdx

      Thanks for pointing out the T&C. I will update my post to clarify. I should not be declaring anything except what I have found to be my own experience.

      1. Andy

        I think most people understand there’s always a risk with these sign ups that it won’t work. Just gotta have faith and hope for the best. If not, then move on. All I can say is thanks for the heads up! I just took the plunge here and am hoping for a statement credit. And it’s a another chip at the $10k spend on my newly acquired Amex Open Gold, which is nice.

      2. Steelsnow

        Thanks, that was the info I was looking for. Combine it with a mover’s card, or better yet an OSH discount when they pop up (they had a 30% off coupon about a month ago, took it up to HD to match!) and this will be a nice double play….

    2. Andy

      Notwithstanding the indication for Business Platinum cards, the terms and conditions state:

      1. Eligibility. To register for the Offer set forth on this Registration Page (the “Offer”), you must be 18 years of age or older, have the power, authority and capacity to enter into to this Agreement and be a valid holder of an Eligible Card (as defined below). In addition, you must meet any additional eligibility requirements contained in the Offer Terms. Subject to the eligibility requirements set forth in the Offer Terms, an “Eligible Card” is a valid American Express Consumer Card or Business Card from American Express OPEN issued in the U.S. by AXP or by a licensed third party bank issuer of AXP-branded Cards (“Licensed Issuers”). The Card account under which the Eligible Card is issued must be active and not in default for you to be eligible to redeem the Offer. Unless otherwise set forth in the Offer Terms, Prepaid Cards (including, without limitation, American Express Gift Cards) and Corporate Cards are not considered Eligible Cards. A Cardmember that satisfies all the preceding requirements is referred to as an “Eligible Cardmember.”

      2. Registration. To be eligible for the Offer, you must register an Eligible Card on this Registration Page. The Eligible Card that you register for the Offer is referred to as the “Registered Card”. If you have any problems with your registration, please contact the customer service number on the back of the Eligible Card you wish to register before making any Eligible Transaction (as defined below).

      I might take the bait here and try.

  2. sergey

    Will it work if I purchase Lowes gift cards in store (Lowes)? I don’t think they sell $200 gift cards, so if I purchase 4x$50 gift cards, will I get a rebate?

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