Chase Freedom 5x Bonus Category Strategy

The Chase Freedom card is a great supplement to one of the best cards on the market right now, the Sapphire Preferred. What the Freedom does that the Sapphire Preferred doesn’t is give a 5x bonus on rotating categories each quarter. You can see the categories and register your card each quarter here.

From Oct 1 – Dec 31, 2011, you can earn 5x Ultimate Rewards points on the following categories:

  • Dining
  • Department stores
  • Movie theaters
  • Charitable Organizations

Bonus: Chase is also giving you an EXTRA 5x points on purchases at Kohl’s. 

NOTE: The bonuses are only up to $1,500 in spend within these categories.

Chase Freedom Bonus Spending

Personally, my plan is to max out this deal at Kohl’s. If you did $1,500-worth of spend ONLY at Kohl’s, your quarterly total would be $150. You won’t actually get $150; you’ll actually receive 15,000 UR points (that you can redeem for $150 cashback so that’s why they advertise it as such). We know better. We’ll be saving these points to transfer to partners ;).

BONUS: By originating your shopping at the Ultimate Rewards Mall and navigating to Kohl’s, you can earn 10x points per dollar spent. This is in addition to the rotating category bonus above. With some number crunching, that looks like 20x points per dollar spent to me! I’m staring at 30,000 UR points!

With Christmas time coming around, everyone who I buy gifts for is getting something from Kohl’s! LOL. Obviously, this is only relevant to you if you could spend $1,500 at Kohl’s within reason. Don’t just buy $1,500 of merchandise for no reason!

Overall, this is a great card to help supplement your earning of Ultimate Rewards points. UR points offer flexibility to transfer to airlines in all 3 alliances and 3 major hotel chains. You can even transfer UR points to anyone with a UR account instantly and without fees.

3 Comments Chase Freedom 5x Bonus Category Strategy

  1. Carla Camargo

    I’ve been wanting a Chase Freedom card. You just gave me incentive to get one sooner than later. 🙂

    1. infamousdx

      Unfortunately not because as per the Kohls T&C:

      “Please note these terms & conditions: Special increased earnings now through 11/20/2011! Not eligible on the purchase of physical gift cards or eGift Cards. Eligibility calculated on final sales total (after discounts or promotions are deducted from purchase price, including Kohl’s Cash). Not eligible on Kohl’s credit card sales made with coupon codes that are higher than 15%.”

      So it looks like gift cards of any sort will not work

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