25K ‘Mistake’ Bonus From American Express

Just like the 40,000 Mystery Amex MR Points that Daraius posted a few weeks ago, I was surprised and happy to see my American Express Platinum Membership Rewards account jump up 25k points upon refreshing it in AwardWallet. Immediately, I thought of the ‘mistake’ extra bonus that Amex gave out to a lucky few and signed in my account. Here is what I saw:

This seems to be the same story as the Columbia grad student mistake. This bonus is for the original offer that I signed up for – 25k points after spending $1,000. However, I called up Amex to have them match me to the 100k points after spending $1,000. They manually credited my account with the 100k points.

I’m not going to read TOO much into this but thought I’d put it out there. Gotta love the #accidentalhustle. Good luck and I hope you guys got the bonus too!