US Airways Grand Slam 2011 Promo: The Cheapest Hits Guide

Since I’m pretty much set with my hits and just waiting for them to post to my Dividend Miles account, I decided to compile a more organized list of hits in order for someone who hasn’t even started the Grand Slam promotion to get to each tier bonus level for the least amount of money AND effort. Most of the cheapest hits are a simple purchase so the effort will not be much.

To get an overall understanding of what this promotion is about, Mommy Points has the best explanation here.

A good goal I’ve been telling clients about is 16 hits. 16 hits will get you 25,000 bonus miles and you will end up with about 30,000 total miles for a mere $149 spent. That equates to a domestic round trip award ticket for $124!

Check out my chart sorted from cheapest/free hits to most expensive. This is a fast track to 16 hits.

1 Audience Rewards – Trivia $0 10
2 Dividends Miles Toolbar + 3 searches $0 1
3 Exchange miles at $0 1
4 Sharebuilder sign-up $0 2500
5 Miles for Magazines $0 -400
6 ThanksAgain – gift cert $1 15
7 Rewards Network Dining $1 3
8 Dividends mall – $6.81 3
9 Office Max $10.64 5
10 Super shuttle $11.50 50
11 – Janie’s spot cleaner $12.09 12
12 Biscoff – Anna’s asst cookies $13.47 265
13 1800flowers – i love you bear $13.99 140
14 Share miles (with someone also doing the promo) $20 -1000
15 TrackItBack – stickers $24.94 500
16 Buy miles at $29.56 1000

Add 4 more hits and you will end up with around 43,000 miles for $302 spent. Here are the those 4 next cheapest hits:

17 Network Solutions $27 1000
18 FTD – sad sam puppy $33.14 500
19 Teleflora $44.98 750
20 Netflix subscription ($8 a mont for 6 months mininum) $48 1500

I don’t think, as a newbie, that you’d want to pursue any harder than this because the next hits are noticeably more expensive and a bit more involved (e.g. e-miles surveys). Either way, this is an amazing promotion that you should try to take advantage of. Hopefully, this post really maps out a good plan of attack and you can score all these hits/miles for very little cash out of pocket. It’s not every day that you can ‘buy’ miles for 0.68 CPM!

One thing to note is that I did not include hits that would be personal to you – hotel stays, car rentals, points transfers from other programs. If you have any of these lined up, definitely use them as a hit to get to the next level!

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  1. Worldtraveller2

    I have been working on mine and my husband’s accounts, but now time to get started on the kiddos! thanks for the pointers!

  2. Anonymous

    e-rewards & emiles are free. if you can do them while doing something else, like watching tv, they don’t really cost any time either. I’ve even heard that some people do them at work, not that I would encourage that.

    You’d be replacing a $50 hit with about an hour of time (each, max) – assuming you’d skip teleflora or netflix per your chart. Or if you replace trackitback and buying miles, you get those 16 hits for under $100.

    for emiles, you don’t even need to watch the video. you can sign up for the emails while the video plays (use a gmail throw-away address) and score 15-25 points per offer. A couple/few at a time every day or two and you’re at 500 points in no time. If you feel charitable, you can donate to some charities for 100 or 200 points and save more time.

    e-rewards does take some effort to do the surveys. these are best done while watching tv since they are a bit repetitive. I just hit my $25 after 4-5 surveys and maybe an hour or so of clicking. $50 an hour is worth it for some people…

    1. infamousdx

      Yea e-miles aren’t too terrible and not very time consuming. I got to 500 miles pretty quickly.

      The thing about e-rewards is that you have to be ‘invited’ and I still haven’t gotten that far. Any ideas on that?

      1. Anonymous

        I got invited a while back – don’t remember who/why. I actually already had another email registered and cancelled it out. {grrrr}

        I’ve been trying to get my wife invited. I unsubscribe and resubscribed her email on all the partner websites for promos and partners and such. All I can think of but it hasn’t worked so far…

  3. Anonymous

    It is so weird how my e-rewards and e-miles opportunities have sort of dried up since I started doing the grandslam promo. I was certain those would be really easy hits, but I am struggling with only 170 in e-miles and $10.80 in e-rewards.

    1. Spud

      Fill in the free-credit score one for 200 (you have to give credit card details but you have 7 days ‘trial’ period before you cancel. Also $10 will get you 200-ish hits on some of the donations.

  4. Anonymous

    when they give you the system survey questions asking you Qs about yourself, check every single box. You get more surveys/opportunities that way… 🙂

    if you fill out all the personal ones on e-miles you should be over 300 points, 310 i think.

  5. sil

    you may want to add using the U.S. Airways debit card (3000 points for 1st purchase) or opening a U.S. Airways card for 40k free miles with 1st purchase.

  6. FirewindII

    Thank you for this. A rental car would be ~ $30-$40 a.i. To infamousdx, what would you think of another column indicating how many of each of the hits to the right are allowed? I know, laziness. But since the mission is to offer a handy reference… Thank you again.

  7. HikerT

    I don’t see a vinesse hit (yet) in your top 16 (got mine for $10). Also, 6 car rentals is probably a better way to get to 24 hits.

    Go to
    Enter a city of your choice.
    Select a 1 hour rental (or 1 day rental).
    CDP: 211762 (Amex Plat – don’t worry if you don’t have the card, they don’t ask for it).
    PC: 162330 (gives $5 off rentals if picked up from noon Thursday – midnight Saturday).
    Click the Submit button.
    It will give you a list of locations.
    Click on the various locations until you see a rental price you like. If not, try a different city or location.

    Just did 3 rentals (Thu, Fri, Sat) for $20 each. Reserved online, dropped by my local HLE after work on Thursday and Friday, took the keys, handed them back, done. Very easy hits.

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