US Airways Grand Slam 2011 Promo: Time to think about 28 hits

The tier bonuses have officially started! Both Joann and I have seen our accounts get updated with the Grand Slam 2011 tier bonuses!

US Airways Grand Slam

Joann's Account

US Airways Grand Slam Tier 2

My Tier 2 Bonus

I should see the tier 2 bonus for 8 hits, if my estimations are correct. Last post left off with me thinking about ways to get to 24 hits. Well I’ve got my ducks in a row to get the last few hits to 24, and I’m even in line to possibly go for 28!

As previously mentioned, I have 2 hotel stays coming up in October. One of them is a 3 night stay that I may break up so that I get 2 stays and Joann can get a stay for a hit of her own.

Office Max is now live with a proper way to enter your US Airways Dividend Miles number so you can get credit for the purchase. I just purchased a few pens; it sucks that the shipping is $9-10 though.

Thanks to Mommy Points, I signed up for a Bank of America US Airways Debit Card for $30 annual fee (link). I already had an account so it was easy and there’s a 3,000 mile bonus after first purchase. I’ll definitely be switching back to a no-fee debit card before the next annual fee is due.

I signed up for ING Direct’s Sharebuilder. Many people are reporting that they are getting the 2,500 points per sign-up without even funding their account! That’s good news but it really remains to be seen if this counts as a hit or not. The community is pretty divided. UPDATE: Flyer Talk member tcollins33 has confirmed that Sharebuilder sign-up without funding or making trades DOES count as a hit! Awesome news!

As of this post, I just hit 500 e-miles! It was easier than I thought. I initiated the transfer so I hope it doesn’t take too long.

e-miles Deposit to US Airways

That puts me right around 25-27 hits, depending if I can split hotel stays and if Sharebuilder counts. I think I will chill for now until more information surfaces about a few things, or people find affordable hits. Hopefully all my hits will qualify as intended and I will receive the 24 hit tier bonus of 45,000 miles. If I get that, then I will make a hard push for cheap car rentals and go for 28 hits and 60,000 miles. Knowing myself, I’ll do a few extra hits for safety’s sake just in case some hits go unresolved. Better safe than sorry.

As for Joann, I’ve gotten her account to about 9 hits for very very little money – around $50. Right now, our tentative goal for her is 12 hits for 15,000 miles. Then, she can credit our Continental flight to Hawaii to US Airways (since they are partners) and get up to 25,000 Dividend Miles – enough for a domestic round trip ticket! It’s important to plan like this so we won’t earn more US miles than we need. Because US Airways isn’t our primary or even secondary FF program, once we redeem the miles, we’re pretty much done with US Airways until next year’s Grand Slam.

So what have you all found out since the last Grand Slam update? Any crafty hits? Good luck, all, and keep swingin!