Dunkin Donuts Double Dip

Ah, Monday… thank the heavens for coffee. Dunkin Donuts is my go-to spot for my morning coffee and muffin before my commute. It’s convenient because there are so many in residential NJ and the one I go to is right along my route.

10% Cashback

Here’s a nice #hustle for you DD lovers. You can get 2 Dunkin’ Dollars for every $20 you spend using your Dunkin’ Donuts Card. These Dunkin’ Dollars are as good as cash at DD and this comes out to 10% cashback. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Buy a Dunkin’ Donuts Card either online or at any DD.
  2. Register it online here (you will need to create an account).
  3. Set up an auto-recharger here. It can be at little as $10* once a month to qualify.
  4. Use your card and enjoy the Dunkin’ Dollars that come in the mail!

*NOTE: Even though Joann and I spend over $100 a month on the same DD card, I still charge the minimum amount on the auto recharge. Why? Because when I recharge the card online with my Chase Sapphire Preferred card (2x points on Dining), the charge does NOT show up in the Dining & Entertainment category like you’d expect. However, if I recharge the card in person at a Dunkin’ Donuts, the charge WILL show up in D & E. Weird I know, but I want to make sure I’m getting my double points!

That only goes for Visa/MasterCard I believe. For Amex, the category shows up as Restaurant – Bars & Cafe regardless of making the purchase online or in store.

And that’s how you double dip – 10% cashback from DD and double points for Dining from Chase!

Here is the official page for this stuff: