US Airways Grand Slam 2011 Promo: Pushing for 24 Hits

For my first 8 hits, click here. For my next 8, click here.

I have pretty much run out of very cheap hits. I have a few hotel stays that are already planned that will help. I don’t consider those money spent for the intents and purposes of this promotion.

17. Netflix subscription. Cost: $48. I have Netflix on and off (depending what promotions are available) and now is a better time than any to get back on. You must keep subscription accounts open until May 14, 2012.

18. Teleflora. Cost: $44.98. I ordered the Make-A-Wish standard bouquet for $29.99 + shipping. Joann should enjoy some nice flowers.

19. Network Solutions. Cost: $37.98. Complete throwaway as I don’t need email management. As per this post on FlyerTalk, you can get this hit even cheaper at $26.

20. Hertz rental. Cost: $29.03. During my lunch hour on Friday, I’m going to a Hertz Local Edition right across the highway to rent a car and return it. Hopefully I can explain the situation to the agent and he or she can just process the paperwork without me ever stepping foot in the car. Otherwise, I’ll just go grab lunch nearby and return the car.

I have 2 hotel stays (including one 3-night Hyatt stay that will also get me 5,000 Hyatt bonus points) so that will make 22 total hits. I will need 2 more to get to my goal of 24 hits and 45,000 bonus miles.

e-Rewards is a ‘free’ hit for answering surveys but I am not so sure I’ll make the 500 miles (minimum to transfer) before the promo is up.

Luckily, I live right outside NYC and have lots of friends there, too. I am planning on hitting a Hertz location that rents hourly. Some FlyerTalkers are saying that the final cost with taxes and fees for 1 hour car rental will be around $15-20. That is a very affordable hit and if I find myself in NYC in the next few months, you can be sure I’ll be taking full advantage of this hit machine.

I will keep everyone updated with my plans and of course any tips I dig up. I still have to do some number crunching to see whether I want to push for 24 hits or just stop at 20 hits. I hope all of you are going hard (but cheap) with this promo. Great way to score some Star Alliance miles!

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  1. Anonymous

    try weekend rates for hertz and alamo, too.

    e-rewards can be quick & easy. you’ll get over 300 points for registering and completing your profile. it’s repetitive but should take about 15-20 minutes if you’re quick with the left button. then, look for the 100-200 point offers. I got 200 pts for $12 with an economist subscription (12 issues) and my wife got 200 points for donating to a charity ($10).

    see if you can change your 3 night stay to 3 one-night stays (wife phantom checkin in the middle day). check out my post of the MP thread (around page 26-27?) on how to beat the consecutive days rule.

    and if this works for you, i want your trackitback sticker. They’re not throwaway for me… 🙂

    1. infamousdx

      Great tips!

      e-miles: Since writing this, a whole slew of new offers have appeared in my account and I’m now at 400 miles. I’m pretty confident I’ll get this hit.

      As for the hotel stay, I’ll read up on how to beat a consecutive night because that would be phenomenal. I def. need to credit all 3 nights to my account to make the Hyatt 5,000 bonus promo.

      If it works, you’re definitely getting the trackitback stickers! Thanks and keep posting!

  2. Anonymous

    the consecutive night thing is the same as when hotels run “stay” promos, as opposed to “nights” promos. if you need 3 nights in your hyatt account for that promo, i don’t see how it would work but would those nights count if you’re crediting the stay to US? I’m not a hyatt person so if that’s a stupid q, please forgive.

    Maybe if you have a good relationship with the hotel, you can figure out a way to do both? Or, do a mattress run on the middle day with a nearby hyatt-branded hotel?

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