US Airways Grand Slam 2011 Promo: First 8 Hits

I know that most of the big travel bloggers are posting about this and most of the information will overlap but in the spirit of #hustle, this has to be shared. If you do not know what this promo is about, Mommy Points has a wonderful explanation in her post here. Basically, you earn ‘hits’ by completing certain activities. Some are free; some are paid. These hits equate to a number of US Airways Dividend Miles. There is a chart of hits; every 4 will get you to a new milestone.

My original plan was conservative. I was going for 16 hits, which will yield 25,000 miles. Of course I got to 16 hits very quickly with minimal cost and so after further planning, I have bumped my goal to 24 hits. That will get me 45,000 miles.

I am also trying to keep cost down. For me, if I don’t keep the cents per mile (CPM) below 1 CPM, then it’s not exactly worth it to me. I can just as well spend money on a credit card that earns US Airways miles on a $1 to 1 mile ratio.

Here are the easy hits that most people are doing right now:

  1. Download the  Dividend Miles Shopping Toolbar and complete 3 mileage earning searches. Cost: FREE. It’s as simple as it sounds. Download the toolbar here and complete any search as normal. The toolbar will tell you how many searches you have completed and the number of miles you have earned.
  2. SkyMall purchase. Cost: $12.09. As per TPG’s post, I bought the Janie’s Spot Cleaner for $12.09 shipped.
  3. Audience Rewards purchase. Cost : $9.50. I bought “Age 11 and Under” tickets for The Music Man show. I believe that’s the cheapest ticket on the site, which is good because this is a complete throwaway purchase as the tickets are will call. If you have access to printable tickets, consider donating them to the USO and support our troops!
  4. 1-800-Flowers purchase. Cost: $13.99. I bought the Sad Sam® “I Love You” Bear. It’s not a complete throwaway as my beautiful little niece Mia would sure like it!
  5. Dividends Mall purchase. Cost: $5. I purchased a $5 electronic gift card on Amazon for myself. You can instantly add it to your account for use later. There are no terms & conditions against gift card purchases, but I will confirm if I get the hit.
  6. Biscoff purchase. Cost: $13.47. The cheapest item on the site is 0912: ANNA’S TRIAL SIZE ASSORTMENT WITH FREE TIN. I consider it a throwaway purchase. I’m not going to stock these in the house. I’ll probably donate them to a food drive as Thanksgiving is coming up.
  7. Thanks Again purchase. Cost: $2.50. I purchased a $10 gift card to a local restaurant that I often frequent.
  8. Dividend Miles (Rewards Network) Dining. Cost: $4. I bought a beer at a local pub that participates in Rewards Network dining. Very easy.

So those were my first 8 hits. Very simple and only the dining purchase was really time consuming. 8 hits is 10k miles. 10k miles for $60.55. So far, that’s 0.6 CPM. Just over a half cent per mile earned!

I’m liking this promo, but I know the next 8-12 hits get even harder. Stay tuned for the next batch of hits, and please comment with some good tips!