Big Easy & ATL: Delta strikes again!

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We arrived at Louis Armstrong Airport (MSY) about 90 minutes before our flight as usual. Security was a breeze. We scanned our mobile boarding passes and proceeded to the security line without the Nude-O-Scope as I get all the radiation I need in other ways let alone at the airport. MSY has only one Delta Sky Club so we posted up there until boarding time.

We walked to the nearby gate at 1:15 PM, 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure, and Zone 1 had just been called. The aircraft was an MD88 and we occupied 25DE, which was an exit row with only 2 seats in it. It was a very light load; the flight attendant said we would only have about 49 passengers.

Our Original (broken) Transportation

And then of course, the Captain had to announce that they were experiencing a mechanical problem with their “inertial navigation system.” The mechanic was also “15 minutes out” and they did not know how long this fix would take so he gave us the option of staying put or disembarking and waiting by the gate area. It was pretty obvious that this was going to take longer than anyone would like so we deplaned and I got on the Delta mobile app and rebooked us for the 3:00 PM flight to Atlanta – easy stuff with their app.

The aircraft for the 3:00 PM flight was an Airbus A320 and, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to secure the exit row again but at least we’d be on a flight out without too much hassle. We were delayed due to passengers from our original flight getting boarded onto the plane but, shortly after, we were finally off. The flight was quick, just over an hour. Funny enough, our original flight ended up being delayed several hours (and ultimately cancelled).

Our old plane right next door

We landed in Deltaville (Atlanta), GA, and taxied into a gate surrounded by Delta aircrafts of all shapes and sizes. Joann and I then took the airport train to the Main Terminal in search for the gateway to Atlanta’s public transit system, the MARTA. We bought 2 Breeze Cards (you can’t buy 1 and swipe multiple times like the Metro Card, NYCers) and jumped on the Gold line towards Midtown, where we’d be staying. About 40 minutes later, we emerged from the subway and started walking towards our hotel.

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