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You already know that social media is currently one of the best ways to promote something. It is also one of the best ways to get a deal. By using some apps that are primarily for location-based “check-in” games, you can pull off a nice #hustle to score some freebies.

During our trip to New Orleans & Atlanta last week, I discovered some great local deals on Foursquare. Marriott must like their promos because I unlocked these 3 deals at the Renaissance Midtown Atlanta.

Free WiFi. Sure beats paying $15 per day!

Awesome freebie for first-timers. This was taken care of upon checkout with a few clicks by the front desk. 2 days of WiFi were credited right on the folio. Savings: $29.90

Free dessert - We ordered 2 and the server comped both!

Briza is the hotel’s restaurant so of course we ate dinner there and charge it to the room for the double dip. We ordered 2 delicious desserts and they were no where to be found on the bill. Savings: $15

Half off food went great with rooftop drinks

This was at Rooftop 866, the bar/lounge also located at the Renaissance. Yup, this was also charged to the room! We only got one appetizer while we sipped our drinks fireside, but value is value. Savings: $4

Rooftop 866

I know that only one of them is unlocked, but that’s because I forgot to take screenshots at the time of unlock. Also, these are Foursquare screenshots but venues also promote specials on the Yelp app as well.

So download the Foursquare and Yelp! app for your smartphone and always check out the nearby venues wherever you are. Social media has blown up so we might as well get some deals!

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