Cancelling Free Trial

This is a follow up to signing up for a free trial for to receive 2500 Chase UR points. See the original post here.

I just got off the phone with and cancelled my account. It took 3 minutes and 43 seconds along with some minimal effort. I called 1-888-434-0055, pressed 2 for account cancellations, and a live customer service representative (CSR) answered shortly.

After supplying the CSR with my account information, she asked why I was closing the account.

CSR: Why did you want to close your account today?

Me: I don’t anticipate using it very much in the future.

CSR: Well, you should know that [blah blah blah insert the benefits of here].

Me: Please just close the account.

CSR: Here’s what I can do. We have a Basic account for lite users that I can downgrade you to and I can also extend your trial.

Me: No thank you. Just close the account.

CSR: Ok I will go ahead and close the account.

Success! She then sent 2 emails while I was still on the phone. One is to inform me that they waived the service fees for 1 month (why did I need to get this?) and the other is the most important – the actual account cancellation email.

UPDATE: adamant on SlickDeals reported that he did not even have to bother talking to a CSR. He cancelled and received the cancellation email through an automated phone process.

Press 1 to extend the trial, press 2 to continue to cancel. Said I’d get a conf. email within 2 hours. Cancellation Email

This was not a difficult process at all, especially for 2500 UR points. I suggest you use up your free $5 postage and cancel after 2 weeks rather than right before your 4 week trial is up. This will give you more leeway in case decides to give you a hard time about cancelling.

If you haven’t taken advantage of this offer, please see my original post and enjoy the free points!

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    1. infamousdx

      They have posted to my account but only because I completed the sign-up a few days before my statement close. You should see them post in your “Ultimate Rewards Activity” after a few days.

  1. sil

    I was able to receive the 2500 miles even though I received the 3 dreaded emails on my account being cancelled on 9/25/11. My 2500 miles was in pending activity since 9/7/11 and when my statement closed on 9/28/11, I received the miles. I sure hope Chase isn’t going to take it back from me.

    1. infamousdx

      Thanks for the data point! I think if you receive the points, you will be OK. Let’s hope that Chase doesn’t do anything drastic like that.

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