2,500 Chase Ultimate Rewards points for FREE

Here’s a quick and easy way for Chase cardholders whose cards earn Ultimate Rewards points to earn miles. Stamps.com is offering 2,500 Ultimate Rewards (UR) points for new accounts. I wanted to go through this process myself before sharing it with any of you to make sure it worked… and it did!

2,500 UR points for free!

The gist of the process is you sign up for a new trial account at Stamps.com through Chase UR Shopping Mall. There is a special offer right now that includes a FREE 4 week trial and $5 in postage. Not only will you get the 2,500 points for free but you have $5 in postage to actually use.

Here’s the full walkthrough on how to get this great deal:

Find the offer in Ultimate Rewards Mall


Clickthrough page with T&C

Click "Get Started"

Fill out your personal info

Enter your CHASE ULTIMATE REWARDS eligible credit card info

Create your account!

Stamps.com will then mail you your Starter Kit which includes CD software, coupons for [unnecessary] future postage, and a sheet of labels that you print postage on. Do not order the 5 lb. shipping scale that they will offer you (unless you actually want it) because you will be charged shipping.

Once you get your points credited (they should appear on your next statement), you can simply call 1-888-434-0055 to close your account (link here). If you don’t want to continue using the service, make sure you cancel your membership before month #2 because you will surely be charged $15.99. Don’t forget to use the $5 free postage you got at sign-up first! You might as well.

There you have it, 2,500 UR points for a few minutes of setup and a phone call to cancel… doesn’t get much better than that! Please enjoy and spread this deal around!

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  4. ArizonaGuy

    Ugh. Having to call to cancel. That’s a pain when you’re the points manager for a number of people.

    1. infamousdx

      I have no idea on that one, Brent, but I would think Chase would only credit your UR account once. It is probably easy to audit multiple sign-ups since you originate shopping in the Chase mall.

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  8. Elcraig

    But will the points show up in my account before the second month begins? I have purchased items from the Chase UR Shopping Mall before last month’s billing and have yet to see the points–phone reps say it will be on NEXT month’s statement (though I have already paid the bill for those items).

    1. infamousdx

      Usually points from these portals take 4-8 weeks, but in my recent experience, the credit posted about 3 days after the purchase. That is all the experience I have with this.

      1. infamousdx

        If worse comes to worse, you can call and have them extend the free trial period for free and wait until it shows up on Chase’s side. That’s the only Plan B I can think of, however.

  9. Andrew

    i dont see anywhere that the first month is free , all i see is that it costs 15.99 dollars a month? any explanation

    1. Escog

      It’s on the Stamps.com page where you click “Get Started”. There’s an ad on the right that reads, “$80 Value” in large letters that offers you 4 weeks free, $5 in postage, free 5 lb. scale, etc.

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