BOGO Deal is offering a great deal for new members. It’s called The Great Unloyaling promotion. For a full featured post on how to participate, please visit Ric the Loyalty Traveler. I just wanted to write about this since I just completed the first part of the process.

First, register here. You will receive a registration email. Save it! It contains a promo code that you will need to use later in the process.

Then,  send in proof of 3 stays in different hotels or 5 total hotel stays. They do not need to be from major hotel chains. One of my stays was at an individual boutique hotel in Miami and I was approved. The stays need to be after 1/1/2011.

Once approved, you must use the promo code from step 1 and complete a paid booking by November 15, 2011. The deal is that once completed, you will receive credit in your account equivalent to the average nightly room rate, up to $400 (taxes not included of course).

My plan is to book an expensive suite for full $400 credit. That way, we can stay in another ~$400 suite in the future for free, effectively giving you a great Buy One Get One or bringing your average nightly rate for both nights in luxury suites $200. Amazing value.

Joann and I may be going to Vancouver in October so I plan to book the Executive Suite City View for $406 at the Four Seasons Vancouver or the Executive King Balcony at Shangri-La for $392. Either hotel will let us maximize the credit to use in the future! Simple as that.

This promo is definitely for those who want a great BOGO deal. I’m sure if you went on vacation at all this year, your hotel stay will count. If you don’t have the folio anymore, don’t worry, you can either use screenshots from where you booked (I used an Orbitz screenshot) or even e-mail the hotel for a copy of your final bill.

Four Seasons Vancouver Suite