What can I say? They know how to treat their customers. Upon taking advantage of this short lived promo, Joann received her Platinum card. There was only one problem… her name was spelled wrong! No sweat. I call up Platinum Services and get to agent fairly quickly (not as fast as the Chase Sapphire Preferred line though). I explain the issue and she immediately apologizes and begins to rectify the situation. She verifies some security info and then corrects Joann’s information… or so I thought.

The new card arrived via UPS Overnight. We open it and it’s the EXACT SAME SPELLING. Come on. I even asked the agent to spell the name back to me before hanging up but nope, total blunder. I had to go through the whole mess again so we will see when the new card gets here tomorrow.

In the meantime, I wrote Amex a short letter about my minor gripe (I was probably in a bad mood). To my surprise, they replied quickly with many apologies and offered a $20 statement credit as good will. I didn’t expect any compensation; I just wanted to vent. This just shows how committed Amex is to customer loyalty. Compare this to my experiences with Chase representatives and it’s no wonder I’m always touting American Express all the time!