InterContinental Friends & Family Rate Trick

There are a number of ways that you can save on hotel rates, but with so many discount codes and different rates, it may get confusing. This post specifically targets a great tactic to receive a discounted rate – InterContinental Hotels Group Friends & Family Rate.

Technically, this rate is for the friends and family of IHG employees, but an IHG Senior Vice President posted a link on his Facebook page, thus making it open for everyone! It’s a pretty easy process that anyone can do.

  1. Click here to find hotels using the Friends and Family rate
  2. Print out the Friends & Family voucher and fill it out
  3. Search for your hotel
  4. Make your reservation

Just don’t forget to bring the voucher with you to present to the hotel should they ask for it. This is a legitimate tactic that FlyerTalkers have been using for a long time and I can confirm it tomorrow when we stay at the Holiday Inn in Portsmouth, NH.

$330 all in. Saved us over $75!

It’s not a boatload of savings but every little bit counts. The best rate we could find prior to the F&F rate was about $210 a night. With this rate, you can see that we paid $330 all in.

Getting better rates at hotels can be cumbersome but it can save you money that can be used for some food or fun at your actual destination. So stay tuned for more tips and read up on old ones!


[Hat tip to Million Mile Secrets]

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