3 Keys to a Successful eBay Listing

You name it; I’ve probably sold it in the last 10 years on eBay. I sell whatever I can on eBay because everyone needs some extra income. It’s probably where I first started learning how to #hustle. Using my simple but specific methods has led me to over 400 positive feedback (with no negative) and probably somewhere over $30,000 in profit. From car parts to camera gear to Nintendo Wiis and to iPads, there are a few core methods to pulling off a successful eBay listing.

  1. Descriptive title
  2. Complete description with a list of exactly what the buyer (winning bidder) will be receiving

For this walkthrough, I’ll use an item that has made me the most profit on eBay – a Nintendo Wii.

1. Descriptive title

Do your homework. Search eBay for what you plan to sell and take note of the auctions that appeal to you. Look up the “Completed Auctions” for that item and notice what listings have higher ending bids than the rest. You’ll see that it all starts with the title. For this item, I would start with something like “Nintendo Wii Console & ________”. You want to use all the 55 characters that eBay gives you. If you have extra stuff to go with the Wii, you would put “Extras” or perhaps “5 games” if you need to clarify.

PRO TIP: If the item is new, ALWAYS write “BRAND NEW IN BOX” or something similar. If the item is used, always write “USED BUT IN MINT WORKING CONDITION” or something to that effect. Of course, the item has to be as you describe it. Your reputation as a seller depends on your word. You’re not lying; you’re drawing people to your auction/listing.

2. Complete description with a list of exactly what the buyer (winning bidder) will be receiving

Depending on what info is in the most successful auctions (you did your homework right?), you might want to include stuff like links to the manufacturer’s web site or a quick excerpt of the product description from the site. The MOST IMPORTANT part of the description, however, is the bullet list that I title “What the winner will receive”. This is what makes the potential buyer feel very comfortable with what they’ll be receiving.

I’ve highlighted the all-important “What the winner will receive” list

The bullet list is a surefire way to get potential buyers/bidders to be comfortable with your auction because you make the purchase fully transparent. There is nothing vague about the auction. Tell me that you don’t know what you’re getting after reading that description! It’s practically like shopping on Amazon.


Self explanatory. The more pictures of the item that you can provide, the better. We are visual creatures and we like to see what we’ll get. In the case of my Wii auctions, I had a set of pictures that I would reuse, but for one-off items, take pictures of the actual item from all different angles in very good (natural) light.

Here are a few links to the pictures I would use for the dozens of Wii auctions I’d post:

 So there you have it. It’s not really a lot of added effort. You just have to know what catches someone’s eye and puts their fears of using eBay aside. Follow these 3 steps and you should have a successful eBay listing!!