Chase vs AmEx. Round 3. FIGHT

Round 1 was when Chase lured United/Continental away from Amex.

Round 2 was Chase introducing double points bonuses on certain categories, all the while glaring right at the AmEx Premier Rewards Gold Card.

Onto Round 3… Just this week, Chase recently killed the double OnePass miles for using your OnePass Plus credit card on Continental’s ShopOnePass portal – sad news for the many OnePass Plus cardholders I personally know.

But REJOICE, Chase is trying to make the Ultimate Rewards program a heavy hitter to compete with the American Express Membership Rewards program. They are boasting some pretty big points multipliers for originating your shopping experience in their portal. This can lead for huge opportunities to rack up the points!

Note: From my experience, only a few Chase credit cards have access to the UR program – Freedom, Sapphire, Sapphire Preferred, and Ink.

Here is the link:


Ultimate Rewards Top Sites

Here are some of the highlights because Chase’s format is cumbersome to sort through. I’ll outline a few this way just to show what the once strong ShopOnePass portal currently offers:

Store Name || OnePass (OP) points per $ || AmEx Membership Rewards (MR) points per $ || Ultimate Rewards (UR) points per $

  • Macy’s || OP – 2x || MR – 4x || UR – 10x
  • Best Buy || OP – 2x || MR – 4x  || UR – 3x
  • Sears || OP – 5x || MR – 4x  || UR – 10x
  • Target || OP – 3x || MR – 4x  || UR – 5x
  • JC Penney || OP – 2x || MR – n/a  || UR – 7x
  • Lowes || OP – 2x || MR – 4x  || UR – 5x
  • eBags || OP – 5x || MR – 4x  || UR – 9x
  • Groupon || OP – n/a || MR – n/a || UR – 12x
  • Barnes & Noble || OP – 4x || MR – 6x  ||UR – 7x

The list goes on and on. Some rates like Macy’s and Sears are temporary promos so prepare accordingly and always read the terms & conditions. You can see that in all but one of the stores (Best Buy), UR is beating out MR. Pair these great points multipliers with the fact that you can earn 2x points on all dining and certain travel categories, and the Chase Sapphire Preferred card becomes VERY a powerful card.

I’m sure a lot of you bought your TV’s at Best Buy, or at the very least, know someone who has. Conservatively, an $800 TV can be 2,400 UR points! I know most people only shop home improvement stores in person, but get this:  You can buy GIFT CARDS from both Home Depot and Lowes to use in store. That online purchase of gift cards will get multiplied with the appropriate bonus points and you can go into the store for what you need! Best of both worlds – extra points & in-person shopping.

If you shop for anything, the UR Mall should be your FIRST stop. Just do a quick search to see if the product is available from a participating store. And if you don’t have this card in your hands yet, I’d say to hurry up and get it!

As always, if you want to apply, here’s a link from one of the best travel bloggers out there, The Points Guy. He should be your first travel hack blog read of the day! 😉 (50,000 points after spending $3,000 in the first 3 months)