US Airways Grand Slam 2011 Promo: First 8 Hits

I know that most of the big travel bloggers are posting about this and most of the information will overlap but in the spirit of #hustle, this has to be shared. If you do not know what this promo is about, Mommy Points has a wonderful explanation in her post here. Basically, you earn ‘hits’ by completing certain activities. Some are free; some are paid. These hits equate to a number of US Airways Dividend Miles. There is a chart of hits; every 4 will get you to a new milestone.

My original plan was conservative. I was going for 16 hits, which will yield 25,000 miles. Of course I got to 16 hits very quickly with minimal cost and so after further planning, I have bumped my goal to 24 hits. That will get me 45,000 miles.

I am also trying to keep cost down. For me, if I don’t keep the cents per mile (CPM) below 1 CPM, then it’s not exactly worth it to me. I can just as well spend money on a credit card that earns US Airways miles on a $1 to 1 mile ratio.

Here are the easy hits that most people are doing right now:

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United Half-A-Million Mile Sweepstakes!

As per Mommy Points’ post, United Airlines is giving away 25,000 miles to 20 winners

via United Airlines

You can enter once per day from September 1 to September 23. Mommy Points explains the process PERFECTLY:

1.  Get a United MileagePlus number.

2.  Go here to register for the contest.  You do have to be a US resident to enter. 

3.  You can earn one entry per day for simply viewing the “Special Offers” page.  A chance to win miles for just click your mouse?  I’m in.

4.  Earn up to two additional entries per day for making a purchase through the shopping portal.  Two purchases per day = two additional entries per day.  Again, this pairs fantastically with the Months of Miles promo!

5.  The contest runs through 9/23/11.  Between now and then say your prayers, do your dances, count your lucky stars, or do whatever it is to bring better fortune to your family!  How awesome if someone on here won 25,000 free miles.  Let’s make it happen.

A minute a day for 3 weeks for a chance to win 25,000 miles? I’ll take it! Good luck everyone!