Success! We have Southwest Companion Pass!


When I originally wrote about one of the best value propositions for domestic travel 3 months ago, a lot of people asked me if it was really “that easy”.

Well I’m happy to report back that it’s officially that easy!

As you can see, Joann’s Rapid Rewards account has now earned a Companion Pass.

Now, whenever she books a flight, her companion (that’s me!) can come along for free! OK fine, I have to pay that stupid $5-10 September 11th fee .

It doesn’t matter if she pays for the flight or redeems points. If there is a seat for sale, your companion can come along.

I can’t really think of anything better for domestic travel for two… especially considering how easy it was to achieve the Companion Pass.

To recap:

  • Joann applied for both a Chase Southwest personal and business card.
    • Each card offered a 50,000 point bonus after spending $1,000 in 3 months.
  • She completed $1,000 spending goal for each card.
  • With a 50,000 point bonus for each card, she now had 102,000 of the 110,000 points needed.
  • To achieve the last 8,000 points needed, we spent about $3000 on the credit cards & we also transferred some Chase Ultimate Rewards points to her Hyatt account, then to her Southwest Rapid Rewards account.
    • It took about 10,000 Hyatt points to convert into 4,800 Southwest points
    • We didn’t go out of our way to do unnecessary spending. We just used the Southwest cards for bills and normal monthly expenses.
  • That put her just over the top with 110,029 points!

Currently, the offers I wrote about last time are dead, but they’ve come back before and hopefully they’ll come back again.

With some careful planning and lucrative credit card offers, we’ll now have a chance to travel together as much as we want at a heavy discount until the end of 2013!

So always stay in touch with my blog via Twitter or Facebook to hear about amazing opportunities like this. I would love for as many people as possible to cash in on these great deals!

A Few Good Fares

US Airways: EWR-SFO $235

Newark to San Francisco on US Airways.

Fares are good through mid-February 2013.

This is bookable on

ewr sfo us airways

United: NYC-PDX $218-225

Either LGA or JFK to PDX (Portland, OR).

Fares look good through mid-February 2013.

This is bookable on

lga pdx united

US Airways: NYC-SAN $229-240

Availability from LGA/JFK/EWR to SAN (San Diego).

Fares look good through early February 2013.

This is bookable

ewr san us airways

Southwest: 40% Sale

Southwest is having a 40% sale on several routes. There are a some blackout dates and excluded city pairs.

Check out the promo page for more info.

southwest promo

Southwest: EWR-SFO $177

Here’s a GREAT fare due to this 40% off promo.

ewr sfo southwest

Update on Chase Southwest Credit Cards – 50,000 x 2 & Companion Pass

What’s the deal???

A little over a month ago, I wrote about a pretty sweet deal from Chase and Southwest Airlines. By applying for one personal and one business card and spending $1,000 on each of them, you can earn a bonus of 50,000 Rapid Rewards points for EACH card.

Spend a little more (to get your points total to 110,000 points) and you will earn the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. It allows you to choose a person to fly with you for FREE! This is probably one of the best value propositions out right now.

So what’s the latest?

Joann followed the directions from the last post and applied for one personal card and one business card. Chase approved her for both cards.

Upon receiving the cards, we immediately eclipsed the $1,000 spending goals and eagerly awaited the statements to close so we could get our bonus points.

chase southwest credit card companion pass

46% to Companion Pass

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Chase Southwest Credit Cards – 50K x 2 & Companion Pass

One of the best credit card combo deals is back. Chase has brought back the offers for both the PERSONAL and BUSINESS Southwest credit cards. Each card boasts a 50,000 point bonus after an easy spending threshold of $1,000 in the first three months of opening your account. With two approvals, you could be looking at over 100,000 points which is worth over $1,600 in airfare at Southwest!

Why am I applying for 2 cards?

Because by applying for two cards and earning the 50,000 point bonus twice, you will be a little bit of effort away from a Southwest Companion Pass! This will allow a designated companion to fly with you on any Southwest flight you take, whether you paid for it or redeemed points for it! Simply put, there is no better deal in the airline industry if two people are looking to fly together often.

Another great thing about the companion pass is that when you earn it, you get to use it for the remainder of the year you earned it (2012) and all of the next calendar year as well (2013). If you could time this right and apply in January, you could be looking at almost two years of free companion flights!

So you receive this Companion Pass by earning 110,000 qualifying points in a calendar year. Let’s do some math:

  • Southwest Personal card bonus points = 50,000 
  • Southwest Business card bonus points = 50,000 
  • Points earned from completing each card’s minimum spend = 2,000
  • TOTAL POINTS = 102,000

As you can see, you’d be a mere 8,000 points away from hitting the goal of 110,000 points. I’m sure that none of you would have trouble coming up with different ways of earning 8k points, especially since Southwest has a shopping portal.

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Mother’s Day Flower Deals

Happy May! Mother’s Day is less than 2 weeks away on May 13th. Why not show your mom how much you appreciate her by sending her some flowers? And should you get some miles or cash back out of it, that’s just icing on the cake. FYI, if you sign up to eBates or Big Crumbs using my links, I get a small referral credit 🙂

Here are a few of the Mother’s Day offers that online retailers are advertising:

FTD – 30 miles per dollar
ProFlowers – 10 miles per dollar
Teleflora – 10 miles per dollar
1-800-Flowers – 7 miles per dollar

1-800-Flowers – 35 miles per dollar
FTD -9 miles per dollar… OR 1,500 miles per order
ProFlowers – 10 miles per dollar

Jet Blue
FTD – 20 points per dollar

Teleflora – 1,500 miles per order

FTD – 30 miles per dollar + 150 miles per purchase

US Airways
FTD – 25 miles per dollar

Chase Ultimate Rewards
ProFlowers – 15 points per dollar
Teleflora – 10 points per dollar
FTD – 10 points per dollar
1-800-Flowers – 9 miles per dollar

Big Crumbs
1-800-Flowers – 12.6% cash back
FTD – 7% cash back
ProFlowers – 7% cash back
Teleflora – 7% cash back

FTD – 20% cash back
Teleflora – 20% cash back
ProFlowers – 12% cash back
1-800-Flowers – 8% cash back

Fat Wallet
FTD – 14% cash back & $10 iTunes gift card
ProFlowers – 10% cash back
Teleflora – 5% cash back
1-800-Flowers – 4% cash back