After 3+ Years, Amazon Payments Will Come to an End

Big news hit the manufactured spend circles this week. After more than 3 years of very easy manufactured spend, Amazon Payments will be ending its person to person payment options on October 13, 2014.

You can find the new terms on Amazon’s help page here.

As of October 13, 2014 Amazon WebPay will no longer be available to send, receive, or request money from other Amazon Payments users. Amazon Payments customers will no longer see the option to Send Money once they log into their account.

While it’s sad news, I think this deal lived a long life. Looking back on my sheet that I used to keep track of payments among a circle of 6 friends, we had a great 3 years. Plenty of miles & points were manufactured.

Here’s to Amazon Payments and here’s to hoping for the next manufactured spend opportunity to poke its head out!

Credit Karma Now Provides Full Credit Report For Free

I use Credit Karma for loosely monitoring my TransUnion-based credit score. It’s a free service and it will update your score once a week when you log in.

Recently, they have added your full credit report to the list of features.

This is a great value add since, normally, you would only be able to run your free credit report once a year with each credit bureau via

I found my report to be 100% accurate, even with the current balances per account to date.

This new feature will also keep track of your hard credit inquiries and when they fall off (2 years). Keep in mind, this will only be your inquiries based on TransUnion.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma

Being aware of your credit is very important, in both the miles & points game and in general. This new feature will allow you to check your credit on a weekly basis, which is very helpful when timing your next round of credit card applications!

Hat tip to ack154 on reddit.

My Biggest Mile Manufacturer – TD Go

During a time where Joann & I have more miles & points than we do vacation days, I’m looking for easier ways to manufacture these points instead of ways to just amass a stockpile of them. Notice my emphasis is on easy. 

I’m not a fan of driving to Walmart to load my American Express Bluebird 2-3 times a month.

I don’t enjoy driving to multiple CVS stores to find $500 gift cards (and then driving to Walmart to load them to Bluebird).

Buying $200 gift cards from Staple with my Chase Ink is pretty easy, but then I’m stuck with several small denomination gift cards to liquidate.

Enter TD Go.

This is a prepaid product that is intended for parents to issue their “teens” debit cards with certain limits.

The main advantages are that this debit card can be funded by a credit card online and TD is very lax on what they consider a “teen.”

The main disadvantage is that this card is ONLY offered in the following states:


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Hyatt Updates Mobile App

I just downloaded an app update for the Hyatt mobile app for Android. I believe the iPhone update for the app has been out for a few week now.

From what I’ve noticed, it’s a very useful update. Prior to this update, the app was only great for checking out current reservations. It sometimes wouldn’t remember your login so you would have to log in every time you opened the app. Searching for, let alone booking, reservations (paid only) was a pain and easier done on an actual web browser.

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Bluebird & Serve Increase Daily Load Limit to $2500

American Express Bluebird has updated their Membership Agreement. Previously, the daily load limit was $1,000 via loading online with Vanilla Reload cards or loading in person at Walmart with a debit/gift card.

As of July 1, the daily load limit will now be $2,500. However, the daily limit for loading at Walmart will be $1,999.99.

bluebird walmart 2

bluebird walmart

This effectively halves the amount of times you have to visit a Walmart to reach the monthly limit of $5,000.

I’m very happy with this news because it decreases the time & effort it takes to load our Bluebird accounts. It also aligns perfectly with our latest points-earning strategy, the TD Go card. Stay tuned for a future post on that.

Note, American Express Serve has also mirrored this increased daily load limit to $2,500.

Hat tip to Frequent Miler